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Hi! I'm Parker Fairfield, a 21-year-old couples portrait photographer based in Berkeley, California! I’ve been photographing people since I was in middle school and have been shooting professionally ever since turning 18.

I’m an introvert but also a people person - I just prefer smaller crowds and to stay focused on intimate connections. It’s why I shy away from big weddings but am beyond excited to help you create a unique photoshoot experience.

I moved a lot growing up. Although born in San Jose, by the time I was in the third grade, I had been enrolled in six schools, in six cities, in three countries. As you can imagine, I learned to make genuine connections fast, no matter the person’s background. I also learned how truly diverse and unique each and every person is.

There is so much more to being a couples photographer than their artistic skill. It’s also the ability to know the couple and capture something unique between them. I sincerely want to hear your story and capture a glimpse of your relationship through my photos.

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